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Huafeng Microline(huizhou) Circuits Ltd.


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Daisho Microline Holdings Ltd. was listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in January.


Daisho Microline Ltd. was established in January


Daisho Microline Ltd. had invested in the construction of China manufacturing plant “Huafeng Microline (Huizhou) Circuits Ltd.”


The honor to have Former Vice Premier Zhou Jia Hua formal visit to Huafeng Microline (Huizhou) Circuits Ltd.
1997Passed ISO 9002 system certification
1998Exceeded 200,000 sq ft / month manufacturing of multi-layer PC Board.
1999Begin production of HDI PC Board
2000Passed QS9000 quality system certification


Formed alliance with DAISHO DENSHI Company Limited, Japan and changed official name to Daisho Microline Ltd.
2002New factory extension put into production of HDI PCB
2003Successfully passed QS9002 system certification (2000 edition)
2003Successful introduction of Japanese carbon oil Printing Technology
2004Passed ISO14000 environmental system certification
2004Successful introduction of high phosphorus nickel-immersion gold process technology
2005Entered the top “Hundred PCB enterprises of China”
2005Factory expansion and the HDI production capacity had reached 450,000 sq ft.
2005Joined the IPC International Standard Organization
2006Passed ISO9001 quality system certification
2006Successfully passed ISO/TS16949 quality system certification
2007Was appointed one of the world's PCB supplier for Nokia Finland
2007Successful introduction of the micro-vias filled copper process technology


Was named as “High-tech Enterprise” by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology
2008Exceeded production to 600,000 sq ft / month
2009Was ranked as “Excellent Supplier of the Year” by RICOH Japan


Was named as “2010 Guangdong Provincial Labor and employment law-abiding outstanding enterprise” by Guangdong Human Resources Association
2011Japanese engineers began to station at HuaFeng Microline
2013Began production of 3+N+3 HDI PCB


Awarded as “Grade A processing plant enterprise” by Bureau of Commerce Huizhou


China Retired Army Foundation Guangzhou Development Board had appointed Hua Feng (Huizhou) Circuits Ltd as the service point for Chinese retired army.